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Team  Coaching

Relying on luck or magic that your teams will be effective is a risky business.


Our coaches are experts in helping create cohesive and engaged teams. Every team and every organisation are unique which is why our coaching support is uniquely flexible. 

We help teams:

  • Work effectively as a team and enjoy peak performance.

  • Identify and embed their team culture.

  • Adapt to organisational change.

  • Shape new behaviours.

  • Deepen relationships.

  • Build effective ways of working.

How  we  work

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The High Impact Intervention 

Turbo charge team development, collectively and individually.

Incredibly valuable in a range of scenarios including supporting a team that is navigating acquisition, welcoming a new leader, struggling to function effectively, or maybe it’s a brand-new team!

  • This dedicated session is totally bespoke, built around your specific requirements.

  • Our invention is high energy yet robust in content and support, 100% focussed on developing the team.

  • You can choose from a half day or full day session.

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The transform programme 

This is for organisations that are looking to develop teams with maximum cohesion, performance, engagement, and energy. 

The transformative power lies in its unique combination of support and facilitation.


The Spotlight coaches become embedded in the team’s development whilst supporting individuals alongside.  

​Typically, a 12-month programme which is tailor made to suit your needs, it includes: 

  • Kicking off with a high impact intervention session.

  • Ongoing team support with coaching sessions; usually quarterly.

  • Dedicated 1:2:1 coaching session with each team member; usually every 6 weeks.

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