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Leadership  Coaching

Our coaches work 1:2:1 with individuals or with the entire leadership team to develop their leadership talent.

We help leaders:

  • Nurture a leadership mindset and shape their leadership style.

  • Build confidence and empowerment.

  • Unlock hidden strengths and talent.

  • Realise resilience and overcome challenges.

  • Develop new ways of working.

  • Adapt to a new role and responsibilities.

How  we  work

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SPOTLIGHT Accelerate 

1:2:1 coaching - high pace programme

  • Provides a highly focussed injection of support and facilitation. 

  • 8 dedicated coaching hours over a 2-month period, provides a real deep dive approach.

  • There is total flexibility with the programme structure. Usually people opt for a 1-hour session each week or a 2-hour session fortnightly.

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1:2:1 coaching - continuous programme

  • Provides deep-rooted support to elevate a leader and their impact.

  • 14 dedicated coaching hours over a 6-month period, provides space and stability for long term enablement.

  • There is total flexibility with the programme structure. Coaching happens at least once a month with the sessions varying from 1 to 3 hours.

  • The session length and frequency are part of the initial discussion around the scope of the coaching. We can suggest what we feel would be most valuable.

If you would like to explore your leadership team being coached together, find out how we work on our Team Coaching page. 

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